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Organisasi : New York Bible Society
IBS (International Bible Society)
Berdiri : 1809

In 1809, several believers gathered in lower Manhattan, New York, to discuss the city’s spiritual needs. Among them were community pillars including Henry Rutgers (Rutgers University) and William Colgate (Colgate Palmolive Corp). They formed the New York Bible Society, later renamed International Bible Society, and now Biblica.

Our Bible outreach soon spread as far and rapidly as the young nation itself through outreach to mariners, soldiers, and pioneers heading west. And in 1810, the fledgling society funded its first translation, William Carey’s Bengali Bible translation in India.

Throughout our first 200 years, Biblica ministry was interwoven with historic times and worldwide events including: providing Bibles in 65 languages to U.S. immigrants for over 135 years, placing decision pages in Scriptures for Billy Sunday’s evangelism crusades, giving Bibles to soldiers in WWI and WWII, providing more than 4 million Scriptures to people in the Soviet Union following the collapse, and ministering to more than a quarter million survivors of the 2005 Indian Ocean tsunami.

In 2007 International Bible Society (IBS) and Send the Light (STL) merged to multiply our evangelism and discipleship efforts, and in 2009, we formed Biblica and celebrated 200 years of ministry.

Today, Biblica works in 55 countries in six regions of the world. Our global ministry continues to impact various groups such as children, at-risk teens, the unreached, disaster survivors, prisoners, and refugees.

Biblica has translated, published, and provided more than 650 million Bibles and biblical resources to bring the good news of God’s love and mercy to people worldwide.


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