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Organisasi : BSM (The Bible Societies in Malaya / Lembaga Alkitab di Malaya)
BSM (The Bible Societies in Malaysia / Lembaga Alkitab di Malaysia)
BSSMB (The Bible Society of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei) / LASMB (Lembaga Alkitab Singapura, Malaysia, dan Brunei)
BSM (Bible Society of Malaysia / Pertubuhan Bible Malaysia)
Alamat : Kantor pusat: Nomor 2, Jalan SS 20/10, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Berdiri : 1948-1984 masih bergabung dengan Bible Society of Singapore
Sejak 15 Oktober 1984 berdiri sendiri
1948 - Lembaga Alkitab Scotlandia (National Bible of Scotland) dan Lembaga Alkitab Inggris (BFBS) memprakarsai berdirinya Lembaga Alkitab di Malaya (The Bible Societies in Malaya) berkedudukan di Malaya.
1956 - Diubah namanya menjadi Lembaga Alkitab di Malaysia (The Bible Societies in Malaysia).
1971 - Diubah lagi namanya menjadi Lembaga Alkitab Singapura, Malaysia dan Brunei (The Bible of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei).
1974 - LASMB menerbitkan Perjanjian Baru dalam Bahasa Malaysia Sehari-hari.
1976 - LASMB menerbitkan revisi Perjanjian Baru dalam Bahasa Malaysia Sehari-hari.
1984 - Memisahkan diri dari LASMB dan menjadi Lembaga Alkitab tersendiri dengan nama The Bible Society of Malaysia (Pertubuhan Bible Malaysia).
1986 - Diterima menjadi anggota Persekutuan Lembaga-Lembaga Alkitab Sedunia (UBS) sebagai "national office", dan saat ini sebagai anggota madia.
1996 - Pertubuhan Bible Malaysia menerbitkan revisi lengkap terjemahan Alkitab Berita Baik.

THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, BIBLE SOCIETIES EMERGED WHENEVER CHRISTIANS CAME TOGETHER and realized their need for Scriptures that everyone could access and relate to in their own language and cultural perspectives. There was great a sense of ownership and partnership as these initial Bible Societies partnered with the Local Church to see new congregations grow in discipleship and experience the Word of God in a way that truly touched their hearts. Thus, this became the guiding mission of Bible Societies around the world.

In Malaysia, organized Bible Society work has been going on since 1815. Then, on 15 October 1985, the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) was officially formed after becoming independent from the Bible Society of Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei. We continue our work today as a member of the United Bible Societies Fellowship - the international body for Bible Societies.

BSM serves the Malaysian Church by proactively advocating and being a partner-resource for the Word of God in Missions. We work with churches and organizations to fulfill the Great Commission by making the Word of God easily available and accessible to all.

BSM has also spearheaded and coordinated numerous projects to further the Bible Cause in Malaysia. Such projects have resulted in the Bahasa Malaysia Alkitab - the complete Bible in the Malaysian national language. We have also partnered with other mission agencies to translate the Scriptures into various ethnic dialects so the natives of Malaysia (such as the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak) may come to know Christ through the Scriptures in their own language.


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